Songs From The Milkman

by Luke Thomson & The Howl

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released August 1, 2013

The Howl
Alyssa Jean-Vocals
Brian James Maude - Upright Bass/Vocals
Darren Snowden - Mandolin/Electric Bass/Vocals
Wayne Garrett - Lap Steel/Country Fried Strat
Brigitte Ouellet - Fiddle
Nathan M. Godfrey - Resonator

Additional Players
Thomas Coles - Vocals/Guitar on Faith
Steve Wirzba - Drums/Vocals
Kurt Loewen - Vocals
Jill Staines - Vocals
Pat Palardy - Engineer/Mixing/Piano
C.R. Avery - Producer/Piano/Vocals



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Luke Thomson Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: Outcast Lullaby
I remember being young, a teacher sat me down, said "if you keep on trying to sing you're going to run your life straight into the ground"
I just sat there looking down
He told me I was ugly, He told me I was weak, he reminded me of everything that I wouldn't grow up to be
It was hard to disagree
I walked away that day with my head hanging down, and everyone thinking that I'm making such an awful sound
Except one girl that I found
Told her my mom brought home a new man that night I slept there last, and if I got to my dad's place my brother might kick my ass
It's been painful in the past

So maybe we can just stay out all night, I don't feel like being alone, and I promise to make you laugh if you don't send me home
Track Name: Stop Rainin' Lord
I rode down to Mechanicsburg on a cold and wintery day, and I heard a tramp by the railroad tracks and he had these words to say
"I worked fourty years as a fireman, boy, on the Pennsylvania line,
and I ended up just a derelict drinking Boone's Farm Apple Wine"

Where can a bum find bed and board? When you gonna make it stop rainin' lord?

I rode out of Mechanicsburg on a freight train half-mile long
But I still think back to the railroad track and that hobo's mournful song

Where can a bum find bed and board? When you gonna make it stop rainin' lord?